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bakugan cards

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bakugan cards

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:18 pm

If you qualify for the requirements,you can copy and past the cards into your signature.

requirement:If you have 5 or more aquas bakugan.

requirement:If you have a darkus,ventus,haos,subterra and aquas bakugan.

requirement:if you have a preyas/or elfin

requirement:if you have hydranoid,skyress,or preyas

requirement:if you have over 160 posts

if you have a darkus bakugan and one ability card

requirement:have 3 or more subterra bakugan.

requirement:have 3 or more ventus bakugan.

requirement:have 5 pyrus bakugan.

requirement:have every darkus bakugan.

requirement:have a siege.

requirement:have a alpha hydranoid.

have 3 or more haos bakugan.

have 3 or more darkus bakugan.

requirement:have a garganoid.

requirement:have 3 or more pyrus bakugan.

requirement:have dragonoid,hydranoid,and gorem.

requirement:have 5 or more haos bakugan

requirement:have hydranoid and blade tigrerra.

requirement:have blade tigrerra and tigrerra.

requirement:dragonoid and neo dragonoid.

requirement:have 6 or more bakugan in all.

requirement:have all aquas bakugan.


requirement:must have a haos freezer.

requirement:have at least 5 ability cards

requirement:have 3 or more traps.

requirement:have duel hydranoid and helios.

requirement:have 700 posts

requirement:have garganoid.

requirement:have harpus

requirement:have 7 haos bakugan

have the fencer trap.

requirement:have storm skyress.

requirement:have hynoid.

requirement:have limulus.

requirement:have matris

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